For 28 years the little agency that could fought way above its weight helping game changing technology companies make an important impact. One million people met and married as a result of eHarmony introductions over the ten years we served as their agency. The meteor that is LegalZoom democratized legal services. Hotwire made travel more affordable. And TrueCar ushered transparency into automotive retail. We never had clients at Donat/Wald (and then Tiny Rebellion), we had friends and co-conspirators. We got in deep with founders to deliver their awe-inspiring brilliance to the world in a way that has left it better for those efforts. After almost 3 decades as Tiny Rebellion's co-founder and CEO I made the natural migration client-side to a company I witnessed at birth and continue to help nurture into adulthood as its Chief Brand Officer and CMO.

This video came about in vintage Tiny Rebellion form. We were pitching a beer account in Kona. On a Wednesday I had a hair-brained idea to send told two of my favorite humans in life who were lead creatives at the agency to get on a plane by Friday and learn what they could about Aloha before returning on Monday. That was the brief. Unfair. Not clear. No support from the mother ship. No pre-pro. No plans to talk to anyone. And you cant learn about Aloha on a weekend. They had to discover what they discovered when they arrived. This is who they encountered.

To those of you who were part of the magical adventure that was 28 years of Tiny Rebellion and to anyone who might chance upon this page, Aloha. May you live in love and sleep in peace.

Lucas Donat

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